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Paint sealing

Scratches, dirt or discolouration don’t stand a chance

Polishing, paint sealing & ceramic coating

Do scratches and/or discolouration bring down the look of your car? We can remove minor scratches by polishing the bodywork. In addition, a professional paint treatment can bring the original colour of your vehicle back to life and restore its original shine.

Each of our exterior treatments starts with high- and low-pressure washing. That’s how we rid your car of any dirt and grease. Then, we polish the bodywork by hand or by using a machine, removing dullness, discolouration and scratches.

Your car will stay clean for much longer

For a long-lasting shine

We can seal not only new, but extensively scrubbed paintwork as well. This means that we apply a smooth and transparent ceramic coating. That way, you get to keep the glossy finish and colour without having to clean your car at regular intervals.
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