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The exterior of your car as good as new

Have your car washed and protected from the outside

We offer a wide range of services for the exterior of your car, such as car detailing. We can, for instance, wash your car, remove scratches, polish rims and remove stickers from the paintwork, or protect it with a glass coating. Navigate to the desired page below and find out more about our working methods.

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What can you expect from us?

Our services

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Deep cleaning

We remove dirt and nasty spots using high and low pressure, clean convertible roofs and polish rims.
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Scratch removal

Scratches, colour variations and chippings stand no chance against our Sprayless Scratch Repair System.

Sticker removal

We remove very sticky logos, advertising slogans and other stickers without leaving any glue residues.
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Glass coatings

We prevent permanent damage from dirt and scratches with a glass coating that protects your paintwork.
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Paint sealing

We can seal the paint of your vehicle, polish the entire bodywork or apply a protective glass coating.
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Car detailing

Your car will be as good as new thanks to manual cleaning focussed on individual car parts.

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