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As you travel with your car (almost) every day, your vehicle could do with a good cleaning once in a while. To get the inside of your car perfectly clean, you can count on Teun’s Car Cleaning for the following treatments during an appointment, among others:

The ideal textile protection

Discover the Waxoyl treatment

For the dashboard, steering wheel and other parts you use to drive the car, we can provide a matt top coating.

The coating removes dirt, restores the colour of the material and makes superficial scratches and other minor damages less visible. In addition, the slightly uneven structure allows you to keep a secure grip on your steering wheel.

You can also opt for the Waxoyl UPT treatment, which is specially designed to protect textile. As a result, dirt is less likely to stick to the upholstery and your interior remains cleaner for a longer period of time. The products have a water repellent effect as well.

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